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Enterprise Monitoring & Control System (EMCS) is a solution that provides ability to centrally monitor and control the complete production process. EMCS leverages the true potential of plant-wide automation systems across a range of industries and manufacturing processes by providing real-time transparency of the production process at a granular level.

With the objectives of providing increased productivity, reduced plant operating costs, reduction in work effort and enforced compliance to government regulation which has always been drivers that justify investments in plant optimizations, EMCS implementation can provide value addition such as production optimization, quality improvements, production tracking , data collection and regulation compliance, among others.


Tight control and optimization of the production parameters through centralized monitoring to achieve optimum production output.
Quick and proactive response from maintenance personnel to minimize machine downtime and enhance machine utilization
Transparent system providing visibility into the production to all levels of management
Enhance monitoring ability resulting in increased production efficiency.
Centralized notification of Alarms and events

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