About us

About us
May 7, 2016 admin


Founders of Platinitive Technologies come with over 30 years of impeccable experience in providing cutting edge IT Solutions solving most complex problems ranging from pure and complete automation of business processes to extending Marketing & Sales reach via social media.

In almost all the projects and engagements delivered our focus has always been on “Outcome” or deriving “Measurable business benefits” such as increased revenue from newer channels or cutting down on Manufacturing / production losses.

Today there is heavy polarization of IT services industry where customers have to choose either a large SI or go with generic IT Services Company which does not have required functional and technology expertise, this leaves a significant gap in the industry and provides enough scope for a reasonable and competent boutique firm which can provide world class services typical of Tier 1 IT services at a cost affordable by SMB customers. This is where Platinitive bridges the gap.

Today Platinitive Technologies is well suited to help SMB customer adopt newer technologies such as Industrial Automation or SMAC at a rapid pace without incurring Tier 1 costs.